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      "Quite right," responded the Doctor; "it is a machine used in every country where Buddhism is the religion."

      "Each boat has six men in hera boat-steerer, as he is called, and five at the oars. The boat-steerer handles the harpoon and lance and directs the whole movement; in fact, for the time, he is captain of the boat.

      [Pg 88]Perhaps that was the worst thing he had said yet, though, indeed, he meant but a grimly humourous observation, not perceiving nor being able to perceive in how odious a position he put his guest. But Lord Inverbrooms impenetrable armour of effortless good breeding could turn even that aside. He laughed.



      Frank thought that he should not enjoy the jin-riki-sha, as he would be constantly thinking of the poor fellows who were pulling him, and of how much they were suffering on his account. He could not bear to see them tugging away and perspiring while he was reclining in a comfortable seat.[Pg 32]